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Lake Titicaca Ruin


I really enjoy writing about topics that are close to me. Topics I KNOW I can bring value to readers on. Since I am going to be visiting Peru in mid-May 2018,  I have done a TON of research on things to do in Peru. Of course after I visit Peru, I will update this article for you!

Number One – Machu Picchu

There are lots of things to do in Peru, but of course the main one is seeing Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is a 15th-century Inca citadel situated on top of a mountain side. You can either take a bus up to see these ancient ruins, or there are many hiking tours available (usually takes 3-5 days). For more information on hiking the most popular trail, the Inca Trail, check out this article.

The closest town to stay in before going to Machu Picchu is Cusco. I would recommend staying there for at least two nights before heading up the mountain. This will give time for your body to acclimate to the high altitude of this region.

Number Two – Rainbow Mountain

This mountain fashions beautifully layered colours created through exposed sedimentary mineral layers. This is about a three hour drive from Cusco. The only thing to be weary of here is that if the weather is not good that day, DON’T GO. If it is raining, the mountain will simply look bleak and nothing like any of the pictures.

Also remember to have realistic expectations. I don’t mean to bring you down, but the pictures that people put up are always enhanced. So just know it might not look as vivid as you expect. Still a very beautiful place to see, and I would highly recommend it!

Number Three – Lake Titicaca

Okay so firstly, let’s talk about the name for a second. I for one could not stop laughing at first when I was talking about it with a friend, but then again we are probably just immature…

Never the less, this lake is a must see! It is almost on the border of Bolivia. There are hostels (if you are like me) or hotels (if you are cool and fancy) in the Lake Titicaca area. Or you could just spend the day here and then take a bus or drive to La Paz, Bolivia. The lonely planet blog has some great resources on things to do and see in Lake Titicaca specifically, you can find it here if you’re interested on details!

That is it folks! The 3 top things to do in Peru. Hope you found this useful, and comment below if you have any more suggestions for fellow travelers.


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