Huacachina Sand Dunes
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Our Experience

If you’re planning on going to Peru, you have to put Huacachina sand boarding on your must do list! Originally my friend and I were only going to be in Lima for 2 days. With a flight to catch to Cusco.

Fortunately, we misread our flight and realized we had an extra day. There was no question in our mind that we needed to use that day to make a day trip out to Huacachina.


Huacachina Sand Dunes
Huacachina Sand Dunes


If I could do it over again I would spend more time in Lima, at least a week since it is such a big city to explore. Then I would take the Peru Hop bus to Huacachina, spend the day and night there then continue bussing to the next city in the morning.


Nonetheless, we had limited time and we decided to make the most of it. We cabbed to the bus stop bright and early in the morning (I think it was about 5 am), bought a bus ticket to Huacachina and slept on the bus for the 4 hours it took to get there. We ended up walking around Ica to find the best tour we could get.

Tour Suggestions

From our experience the best one you can do is a 2-hour tour from 4-6pm (over sunset) for only 30 Soles each. After finding this deal, we spent the morning walking around Ica, and then got a ride to Huacachina from our tour company and spent a few hours there before our sand dune and sand boarding tour started.


Huacachina Sand Dunes, Huacachina Resevoir
Huacachina Resevoir
Town of Huacachina

To be honest there isn’t a lot to see in Huacachina, once you see the beautiful reservoir and do a lap around the town you have pretty much done it all. So, if you spend only one or two days there, that will be enough.

Our Tour

The tour itself was amazing. There was roughly 8 of us in a dune buggy, our guide took us extremely fast up, down, and around these giant sand dunes, occasionally letting us stop to take photos of the picturesque scenery.


Huacachina Sand dunes


We then stopped at these giant peaks where we laughed about sand boarding down. Sure, enough he got out the sand boards, showed us how to use it and we all went sliding down. Some tried on their feet, most on their stomachs as these were some VERY steep sand dunes.


Overall one of the most fun things I’ve down in South America yet! Would highly recommend Huacachina sand boarding to anyone and everyone.


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