Ilha Grande
Ilha Grande Main Street

As mentioned in my post about Paraty, there are two must see stops between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Paraty and Ilha Grande. Sadly, Ilha Grande is the one that tends to get skipped because you have to take a separate one-hour boat ride out to it from Paraty. A lot of people either don’t have the time, or they don’t make the time. Big mistake!

Ilha Grande
View of the Town from the Boat – Ilha Grande
Activities in Ilha Grande

Personally, I loved the town of Ilha Grande more than Paraty. It was quainter and had more cute restaurants and bars. There aren’t even any cars on the island. The only thing you have to watch out for as you walk around are people coming by with heavy metal carts.

There are also a lot of activities to do around the island, such as a day of touring on a boat and snorkelling. However, the main activity is taking a boat over to Lopes Mendes.

Ilha Grande
Boat Over to Lopes Mendes
Ilha Grande
Lopes Mendes Beach
Lopes Mendes Beach

Ilha Grande has one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, called Lopes Mendes. It’s 3km long of white sand, and crystal clear blue water. The tide also provides crazy waves to jump around in. To get to Lopes Mendes (and surrounding beaches) you take a 45-minute boat ride from the main town, which leaves roughly every half an hour. I recommend going early on in the day, like 9am or so because the last boat leaves at either 3:30 or 4:30 pm.

Ilha Grande
Boardwalk of Ilha Grande

As mentioned earlier, Ilha Grande is one of those stops that gets overlooked so you can have more time for Rio. Don’t be fooled into this! Rio de Janeiro, is amazing yes, but when are you ever going to get the chance to visit one of the most beautiful islands on the south of Brazil?

Comment your thoughts below, would you visit Ilha Grande?
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