Volunteering in Spain at Diverbo was one of the best decisions I could have made. If you are looking for a way to give back, whilst travelling you seriously have to consider applying for Diverbo. They have both Spain and Germany opportunities, so depending on your preference, you can apply for one or both.

Volunteering in Spain, la Alberca
La Alberca Hotel
How I Learned About Diverbo

When asking people this question, quite often the answer is by Googling “Volunteering in Spain”. However, this is not the case with myself. I actually learned about it through a very personal referral.

My best friend and her family did it themselves about 6 or 7 years ago. They knew I was going to be travelling to Spain already so insisted I apply if I wanted to have, I quote, “the best experience of my life”.

Interestingly enough, I was not sure when exactly I would be in Spain and when you apply you have to choose a certain week you would like. So, I put a random week in late August thinking this is when I would roughly be in Spain. I got an email back a few weeks later saying that I had been rejected because the program was already full at that time

Since my schedule was so open and I knew my Spanish schedule better now, I sent them an email back saying I would be free anytime in August. I got an answer merely a day or two later, granting my acceptance for my given week in mid-August.

Pool View
About the Program

I won’t waste my breath (or more like fingers) writing about the various details the program offers because Diverbo themselves does a much better job explaining it on their website. However, I’ll tell you the main points I think you should know.

  • You are practicing English for 1 week with local Spanish adults who wish to improve their English for either their job, love of travel, or general need for improvement.
  • You meet the other English volunteers at a very nice lunch provided for you in Madrid the day before you go.
  • They bus you out to their resort / villas where you will stay with the other volunteers and Spanish people for the week.
  • All food is free (Except for the flight/transportation to come to Madrid)
    • Buffet Breakfast / Coffee / Juice
    • 3 Course Lunch with Wine
    • 3 Course Dinner with Wine
  • What more do you want?
Volunteering in Spain, la Alberca
View From the Town
My Experience

The program is SO well structured that it’s hard to imagine anything ever going wrong. We had an amazing Program Director and Master of Ceremonies who made us feel very welcome and organized from the beginning.

When we arrived we each got paired up with a Spanish person and got to share a Villa with our own rooms and bathrooms. The Villas and the area they had us in was so picturesque, I couldn’t imagine anything more perfect.

The first day was very relaxed, just enjoyed some great food and a couple of fun icebreakers. The next day and the rest of the week was spent having “one-to-ones”, where one native English speaker would get paired up with one native Spanish speaker to help them practice their English.

We also spent time in group discussions, doing group activities, and of course eating our 3 course meals with a lot of wine. As the week went on we all became like a little family. If there were cameras around I swear it would’ve been like big brother.

There was actually a festival happening in the village so a few of us went to go see the Bull Run at 9am. So glad we were able to fit in this very Spanish experience. Not at all what I was expecting either. It went a lot quicker, and looked a lot easier than I would have imagined.

Volunteering in Spain, la Alberca
La Alberca Bull Run

I learned SO much about Spain and all the cities everyone lived in. Which for me was perfect as I will be spending the next 2 months around Spain trying to learn more about the culture and the language.

The best part about this experience was of course the people. I would absolutely love to do it again one day; however, I ALMOST don’t want to just because I hate that it will be with different people. If you are thinking about volunteering in Spain, this is definitely one of the best ways to do it!

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  1. I think that ‘giving back’ is the best way to experience the best in all people. Your experience sounds invigorating. Inspires me to perhaps ‘give back’ in some way here, closer to home.

    1. Glad to hear it! Giving back absolutely does not have to be whilst travelling, try doing something close to home that you have always wanted to try!

  2. I’m sure you made the experience amazing, as you suggest in the post “people, no things, make the life unique”.

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