Southern Spain

Spain has been a very hectic country for me so far. I arrived in the South of Spain on August 4th, and have visited the South, Central, and North. Currently, I am now on the East Coast, in Valencia!  So, you could say I’ve seen A LOT of beautiful places. Seriously, fairy-tale worthy. I was surprised on where I would find the most beautiful cities in Spain.

Most people visiting Spain go to the biggest cities, such as Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia. Although these cities are nice, they have not been some of the most beautiful cities in Spain I have seen. So I’d like to share some of my knowledge with you in hopes that one day you might decide to visit some of these lesser known locations.

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First beautiful city I visited was Seville. Pronounced [Suh-bee-ah] by the locals. Or more commonly by tourists, [Suh-vill].


Seville was my first stop in Spain. It is located in the South of Spain, the capital of the Andalusia region, where you can find a strong culture for Flamenco dancing and Bull fighting.

Seville has, in my opinion, the absolute most beautiful main Plaza I have ever seen, called ‘Plaza de España’. When I went, there was this lady and some friends giving a seriously great Flamenco busking performance. I couldn’t believe it because it was firstly, some of the most superb dancing I’ve ever seen, and secondly because it was the beginning of August and about 40 degrees Celsius outside.

Plaza de España, Seville, most beautiful cities in Spain
Plaza de España

Seville is also famous for having the tomb of Christopher Colombus in their Gothic Seville Cathedral, which I didn’t fancy going to see but if those kinds of things are up your alley then definitely put it on your list!

I also visited the beautiful Alcazar of Seville, and although it doesn’t compare to the alcazar in many other places it still was a beautiful way to spend an afternoon.

Seville Alcazar, Spanish Alcazar, Seville, most beautiful cities in Spain
Seville Alcazar

After Seville I headed to Madrid, where I won’t talk about in this series, because although it was beautiful, it is definitely not one of the most beautiful cities in Spain I have seen.

Next City…

Instead I will skip ahead to the city I did a day trip to from Madrid, Toledo. Post will be coming out in the next few days, be sure to keep an eye out for it!

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