Kira Michelle Travels, backpacking for beginners

Hello beauties! My name is Kira and I absolutely LOVE to travel. There is just something about the pure bliss, beauty and enjoyment of visiting exotic lands that I could not grow tiresome of.

Have You Come to the Right Place?

Before reading on and getting to know a little bit more about me, I want to make sure you have come to the right place.

Are you ready to go on a big adventure? An enormous backpacking trip you’ve always dreamed of. Something you don’t think you even know the slightest idea of how to prepare for?

Sounds familiar. Rewind to December 2017 when I was first starting to get ready for this crazy idea I had, to go backpacking around the world for an entire year. Now, fast forward back to the present where I am currently almost done my entire year, and so not ready to give it up.

Whether you are backpacking solo, or with a friend. Whether you are 18, 24, or 80. Commendations on taking the first step towards taking the trip of a lifetime!

I guarantee this blog will help prepare and guide you. Even if you are just keen for some tips and tricks or some inspiration from my weird and hilarious travel adventures, then you have come to the right place.

It’s Not Possible

This is my favourite line. I really want to Kira, but it’s just not possible. I’ve met many kinds of different travellers. From a South African family who decided to sell their house, their belongings and take their two teenagers out of school. To University graduates putting off getting a ‘real job’ (like me), and full time travellers who decided to get their yoga certifications or other likewise skills. Deciding then to live on a Thai Island for a few years until their next adventure. The point is, it is possible. Whatever your circumstances.

Why Did I Do It

For me, deciding to travel was due to the excruciating thought of staying in my city and enduring -40 celsius winters every year for the rest of my life. The thought of getting a full-time job at home was yes easy and comfortable, but it wasn’t what I truly wanted.

Yet I had no idea what I did want. So I booked a one-way ticket to Colombia in May 2018 and have been travelling ever since. After 10 months, I have finally now started to actually make money online. I get to work from my laptop at the beach, how cool is that!

Meet Kira

Kira Michelle Travels, backpacking for beginners

Just a 24 year old Canadian girl avoiding winter like it’s the Plague. Unless mountains and snowboards are involved, then I’m in.

I graduated in May 2018 with a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) Co-Op Degree, majoring in marketing. Instead of jumping into a full time job, I’ve decided to take a year off to travel around the world.

I’m almost done my one year already and the more I travel the more I fall in love with it. All of the great friends you meet, the hilarious locals and their amazing cultures, the food of course, and most of all the freedom that travel comes with. Travelling has opened up my eyes to the realm of possibilities available to help make full time travel a reality.

Seriously, if I can do it, you can do it. It blows my mind that not everyone WANTS to travel, so if you are one of the people that does, don’t let your fears or worries stop you. We are in this together.

Follow my journey to South America, Europe, South East Asia, and where ever else the wind might take me.

Don’t hesitate to hit that contact tab up top if you’d like to chat. I will try and answer as soon as possible.

Besides school, working my way through school, and travelling, I am a total beach bum and love everything to do with the outdoors. Especially going hiking, biking, practicing yoga, learning new cultures, and cooking up delicious vegetarian recipes!

Ready to Get Started?

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