Kira Michelle Travels, backpacking for beginners

Hello beauties! Meet Kira Michelle, just your average, 20-something Canadian girl who fell in love with travel. After graduating University with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree she backpacked solo around the world for an entire year. Safe to say she became addicted and is not seeking rehabilitation anytime soon! 

What is Kira Michelle Travels?

What is Kira Michelle Travels exactly? Glad you asked!

Kira Michelle Travels is a one-stop-resource to help you plan your own backpacking adventure. A place where travelling the world can become easy!

You will find useful travel planning resources such as:

Secondly, Kira Michelle Travels has blog posts with custom knowledge of different continents and countries you should put on your bucket list! My world trip took me to South America, Europe, & South East Asia, where I was able to stay for about a month in each country I visited. Get inspired with some of my favourite posts:

Whether you are backpacking solo, or with a friend. Whether you are 18, 24, or 65. Commendations on taking the first step towards taking the trip of a lifetime!

Meet Kira

Kira Michelle Travels, backpacking for beginners

Rewind to April 2018, I just finished a 5 year degree, had a great job doing digital marketing for an agency in my city, but I needed something more.

I’m proud to say that I’ve always had to earn everything I wanted. Working in the restaurant industry from the age of 14, I learned the value of money at a young age. I became good at saving, and budgeting which helped me a lot for this somewhat spontaneous one year around the world backpacking trip.

I booked a one-way ticket to Colombia. Planned out a general route I wanted to follow and sort of winged it. What I wished for back then, was a resource like this website. One place I could go to find everything I needed to plan an around the world trip!

Seriously, if I can do it, you can do it. It blows my mind that not everyone WANTS to travel, so if you are one of the people that does, don’t let your fears or worries stop you.

Don’t hesitate to hit that contact tab up top if you’d like to chat. I will try and answer as soon as possible.

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