Medical Coverage

Making sure you have medical coverage is SO important. Many people I know who travel, play the wild card and just assume they are going to be fine. Sadly, that has not always been the case. Requiring one of my friends to start a “go fund me” page to get medical expenses paid for, as well as a flight to return home to get further treatment. So… don’t risk it people!

Medical insurance will likely be covered under whichever travel insurance plan you choose, if you do end up going to world nomads (mentioned in my insurance section), it definitely will be. However, there is usually a small clause that says if you don’t have medical coverage in your country of residence then their emergency coverage is void. Thus, make sure you are protected at home too!


The other thing to check off your medical list before you hit the road is making sure you have all your vaccinations up to date. This was a killer for me as I was never vaccinated as a child. Before I left I had to be poked 50 million times. Some countries even have required vaccines to get into. For instance, a few countries in South America required me to get the Yellow Fever vaccine before I could enter.